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C++ concepts voted out of C++0X

[20th July 2009]

Danny Kalev at InformIT and Beman Dawes on the Boost developers mailing list have reported that the Concepts feature has been voted out of the next C++ standard.

I had mixed feelings about the feature. On the one hand, I hate ploughing through pages of error messages from deep template instantiations but on the other hand C++ is big enough already and I tend to think that yet another sub-language (in addition to C, preprocessor macros and TMP) would only serve to make things more complicated.

On the whole I'm feeling more relieved than disappointed by the decision, so I guess that means I'm in favor of the move! As long as they don't remove the threaded memory model, exception_ptr, variadic templates, the type-inference stuff and the proposed standard library additions, I'll be happy :)



[21/07/2009 at 09:40:00]

I would really like if something like PocoProject was part of _some_ c++ standard. The commitees spend time messing around with stuff like Concepts, while for real productivity, there is no substitute for coherent, well documented and comprehensive class library.

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