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Introducing jpegxx

[17th May 2007]

I tend to write a lot of applications and throw-away programs in the computer graphics domain. Before now I've tended to use PPM formatted images as an import/export medium.

While the code for reading and writing PPM images is pretty easy to construct, PPM isn't the most widely supported format by graphics viewers (including web browsers, of course). So I looked around for C++ libraries that support JPEG import and export.

I wasn’t happy with what I found. The available libraries seemed to have one or more of the following show-stopping limitations:

jpegxx attempts to address all of these problems by wrapping up the Independent JPEG Group's C library into an iterator-based interface.

So if you're in need of a means to read and write JPEG images in your software, I encourage you to check out jpegxx. I've made it available under the Boost software license version 1.0 and as such, it is available for use in both closed-source and open-source applications.

If you want to compile using slam, I recommend getting version 0.2.6, which I released earlier today. It has a couple of tweaks for MSVC, Borland and GCC users.

Any and all feedback on the library is welcome!


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