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Introducing test-o-matic

[19th October 2008]

Up until now, anyone that's downloaded one of my projects from this page might have noticed a small accompanying library called unit_test, which I've been using to write tests for my code. I created my own library because even though there are many unit testing libraries and frameworks for C++ code, all the good ones tend to be rather large, making me feel somewhat uncomfortable about distributing them with my libraries.

Anyway, I had been meaning to upgrade unit_test for some time now. Recently I found some time to fix it up. I'm quite pleased with the new design. It's easier to use than before and more flexible, too. And of course, it's still nice and small.

So I have set up a project page on so that people can get the code and download releases. I felt guilty about hogging the name unit_test for my project, so the library has been renamed to test-o-matic. There's also a wiki there with a cookbook page containing some cool examples (I think they're cool, anyway).

I've put up a little page on this website too, outlining the library, but the sharesource bitbucket project page contains much more information.


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