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[20th January 2010]

So I finally redesigned and reimplemented my website. I hope you like it. There are probably still some kinks to iron out, but it's basically there, I think.

In the end I got fed up with WordPress. It was too difficult to write posts containing lots of source code. People also struggled to write correctly formatted comments. Writing code snippets containing C++ templates (the <> characters in particular) was nightmarishly hard.

Hopefully that's all fixed now. I might even be able to start addressing my backlog of post topics!

In the code area I've added some projects that I didn't get around to making available through the old site. blah is a stupid little logging library. Very quick to set up. Very flexible. I also gave the stack trace code I created a permanent home.

So I hope you like the new site and it doesn't fall apart in the first 10 minutes. If there are any problems let me know; my name is edd and you know my domain name, so I trust you can deduce my email address. Or leave a comment!



[26/01/2010 at 07:52:32]

Really nice C++ stuff on your site.

Hey, I saw your picture. The words on the pole read sacrifice. Let me guess, you took it in a China town, or China. Right?


[26/01/2010 at 22:08:27]

I'm glad you're enjoying the site, tom. The picture was actually taken in Japan.

Rhino-meat is tasty

[30/01/2010 at 18:10:30]

Hi Edd loving the new site. Looking forward to seeing the next few projects.

Just wondered about handlebars, handlebars butcher my Chain's come off?

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