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Slam 0.2.4 bugfix release

[8th May 2007]

slam 0.2.4 is available for download and includes a number of important bug fixes and a handful toolset tweaks.

I highly recommend that existing users (yes, both of you!) upgrade :)

EDIT: since this post was initially made, I have created and uploaded version 0.2.5 as I had failed to update the version number in the software. Thanks to MRibecky for pointing this out in the comments.



[09/05/2007 at 20:31:00]

Just upgraded, but it keeps printing that it is the version 0.2.2, not 0.2.4.
slam/slamcore/ return "0.2.2"

Keep up the good work.



[10/05/2007 at 20:29:00]

Gah! The embarassment :)

Rest assured it is version 0.2.4, I've simply failed to update as you suggested.
I'll post 0.2.5 and add some checks to the installer scripts!


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