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Updates to jpegxx, pngxx and slam

[25th July 2009]

Version 0.3.0 of imagexx, jpegxx and pngxx have been released.

jpegxx may now be compiled to use an existing copy of the IJG JPEG library (aka libjpeg). Similarly, pngxx may use existing copies of zlib and libpng.

Support has also been added to load and save real-world dimensions of images. Some potential resource leaks have been fixed, also.

More information about these libraries is available on the pngxx wiki.

A small update to slam was needed to have Visual C++ compile the libraries correctly.

Unfortunately, these releases do not work with builds of MinGW that compile code to use SJLJ exceptions. All new MinGW releases will compile code to use DWARF2 exceptions anyway, but I do plan to look in to this issue and hopefully release a fix in the near future.


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