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Traditionally C++ software projects have been built using make or one of its variants. However more and more people are finding that make is simply inadequate for building non-trivial pieces of software.

Slam, an acronym for Slightly Less Awful Make, allows you to describe basic C++ builds in a platform- and compiler-agnostic way. It will handle header dependencies for you automatically and has good support for multiple build variants and parallel builds.

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Clone the repository using mercurial:

> hg clone

Or get a zip file of the code.


Quick start

To create a default slamfile:

> slam -ms
slam: running version 0.2.10
slam: default slamfile created

Let's see what's inside:

> cat slamfile

# Generated by slam. Edit as needed.

# Compiles all source files with the
# 'usual' C++ filename extensions.

sources : common : *.cpp *.cxx *.c *.C *.cc *.CC

defines : debug : DEBUG
defines : release : NDEBUG

flags : common : strict iso
flags : debug : debug optimize-off
flags : release : optimize

# Object files are linked to create an
# executable called app or app.exe on
# Windows.

target : common : app
type : common : executable

# The directory for the object files
# and executable depend on the toolset
# name and the build variant.

dir : common : obj/$(toolset)/$(variant)

The default slamfile will take all C++ source files, compile them in to object files and link them in to an application. You might run the slamfile as follows:

> slam toolset=gcc variant=debug

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[09/09/2008 at 06:15:00]

Great tool!

I was building my project with slam in a matter of minutes. I do have one question, however. Is it possible to change the output directory for the target? I can’t stand having my libs & executables in the build directory. I could probably adjust the toolset’s linker & librarian settings, but a directive would be ideal.

Again, nice work!


[10/09/2008 at 20:40:00]

Hi Kory.

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to separate the location of the object files from that of the library/executable.

slam is long overdue an update, actually, so perhaps in a little while I'll add that feature. Currently I don't have a Windows machine handy, so I can't do any cross-platform tests but in a few weeks I will.

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