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Congratulations! You have within reach the MOST BRILLIANTEST C++ XML CREATION LIBRARY EVER CREATED.

Have you ever needed to embed a quick snippet of HTML or XML in your C++ source code? Didn't you just hate having to use that obscure string concatenation syntax?

Well no more! With the advent of XSMELL you can now use regular XML syntax directly in your source code, thanks to the reckless use of operator overloading, template meta-programming and preprocessor macros.

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Clone the repository using mercurial:

> hg clone

Or get a zip file of the code.

Quick start

using namespace xsmell;

document doc = 
            <title>"XSMELL demo"<!title>_
            <img .src("chucknorris.png") .alt("sneezing eyes open")>_ <!img>_

std::cout << doc << '\n';

That's right! Thanks to XSMELL you'll no longer suffer from S-Expression envy. You've got one up on those Lisp guys now — smug bastards!

And you no longer have to worry about generating malformed XML! After spending hours fighting obscure C++ compiler errors, you'll be 100% certain that your XML is correct.

XSMELL requires Boost headers and a modern C++ compiler with support for C99 variadic macros.


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Phrases and blocks of code can be enclosed in {{{triple braces}}}.
Any HTML markup will be escaped.